Vishwa Kannada Samskrithi Sammelana

KCA Kenya is proud to announce thatĀ  Vishwa Kannada Samskrithi Sammelana will beĀ  held on 1st and 2nd March, 2014 at Oshwal Centre. KCA Kenya has formed specific sub committee to successfully conduct the Sammelana.

Some of the sub committees have already got into their respective work. We look forward to all Kannadiga’s living in Kenya for their fullest support in all areas to make this event a grand success.

Souvenir: As requested to you earlier, kindly send in your contributions to the souvenir by 31.1.2014 so that the document can go for printing in good time. If you need more information on this, kindly get in touch with

Mrs. Poornima Ashok
Mrs. Rama Balaji

Get together: Very soon, we will hold a get-together of all the members for another round of ‘interaction session’ to share with you more on the upcoming ‘sammelana’ and also to listen to your ‘suggestions’ and ‘guidance’.

Lets work together to have a grand and successful Vishwa Kannada Samskrithi Sammelana!!!




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